Akodo Cho

Spirtit Walker and Lethal Bushi


Akodo “the lioness” Cho
Samurai 1/Shaman 7
Lawful Good

67 hp
AC 17 touch 11 ff 16 (+2 Partial Armor)

St 20
Dx 13
Cn 16
Wi 16
In 10
Ch 12

Katana 12/7 (1d10+9+1d6 fire) +1 Flaming Katana
Turn Undead 12 burst 4/day:

+ 16 Sense Motive
+ 16 Spot
+ 11 Religion
+ 12 Concentration
+ 14 Heal

Bonus: Attention to Detail
Bonus: Unarmed Strike
LV1 Combat Reflexes
Lv3 Dodge
Lv4 Exper
Lv6 Impr Trip
Lv8 Defensive Throw

Animal Companion Lion
36 Hp
AC 15 T 12 FF 12
2 Claws 7 (d45) bite 2 (1d82)
F 6, R 7, W 2
Scent, Pounce, Improved Grab
Level 11 Dire Lion!


The Samurai gang only have view this samurai’s battle ability once during a first blood Iajitsu duel that ended in single strike and taking single scorpion soul. Her spiritual connection through her mother’s heritage as a matsu gives her an upper hand in most combat scenarios. Like many other matsu’s she bears striking blond hair, uncommon in most of Rokugan. She is also known for her lioness pet which earned her title. Rather collected and cool headed her reserve is often lost when her prowess is questioned due to her gender.


Recently she has just aided in an attack against the Yasuki provinces as both the Crab and Crane have been weak after their recent skirmish. She has discovered a lineage of lion as a rightful owner and has recommended the taking of the lands on those grounds. These farmlands are highly contested now.

Akodo Cho

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