Batosai Tsurichi


Human, Ranger 6


A marksman and bounty hunter of great renown that hails from a vassal family serving under the almost forgotten Wasp Clan. His goals are simple; bring in the guilty and collect their bounties. Honor and the way of the court is almost lost upon Batosai and he prefers a simpler life moving through the unwatched and dangerous wilds of Rokugan. His family lineage can be traced back to some samurai from the minor Fox Clan. This would explain his deep connection with the land itself and his trusted owl companion can attest to this.

Batosai is usually very much at odds with Kenzo the “Hard Ass” who tends to point out every dishonorable move Batosai makes. Batosai on the other hand never misses a chance to point out his team’s short comings as well as the amount of times he has “saved” the team. Despite this the Wasp archer and Heavily Armored Crab make a devastating team when set up as wall and ranged combination.

Batosai wears the nondescript ashigaru armor of his clan but is easily distinguished by his pet owl, monstrous and exotic claymore, and his finely crafted naga yumi. The bow legend says is bound to a minor thunder spirit. Where does Batosai’s loyalties lie? Will he ever catch Akiyoko?

Batosai Tsurichi

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