Kaiu Kenzo

The Hard Hearted


HP: 84 (8 HD)
AC: 24 FF: 19 Touch: 15
Fort:10 Ref:6 Will:+7
Speed: 30 ft
Init: +3

Atk: 14/9 (3 w/ flank, +2 against humans)
DMG: D10 + 8 (
2 and 2d6 against humans)
Obsidian Tetsubo
Atk: 15/10 (+3 w/ flank)
DMG: D10 + 8 (Brutal 2)

Special Qualities: Iajitsu (+12), smite 1/day, rage 1/day, DR 1/-

Notable feats: Quick Draw, Power Attack (double bonus against tainted or Shadowland creatures. Triple if wielded with two hands.)


Kaiu Kenzo is a proud crab clan member. His mother was Hida Fosuko and his father was Kaiu Iro. He had 2 older brothers and a sister. All three of his siblings and his mother were lost to the shadowlands. His father does not want to lose Kenzo but he can not stand in the way of his honor.

Kenzo Holds honor and duty in the utmost regard and because of that he is feircly loyle to his clan and empire. For an inexperienced samurai he is trusted to complete difficult missions without wavering from his task. He is often tested to balance honor with duty. In these situations he asks his father for guidance on difficult topics involving honor and duty.

In combat Kenzo employs his unique dexterity to avoid attacks. If an opponents ability exceeds his defense than he unleashes the fury of the crab. Kenzo either avoids getting hit all together or tries to destroy the attacker before it destroys Kenzo. When facing against an untainted creature Kenzo use his Daisho (1 Human Bane Katana). Kenzo also owns an Obsidian Tetsubo (1) that he uses against creatures of the Shadowland.

Kaiu Kenzo

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