Kuni Yamiko

Daughter of a Unicorn Iuchi and Crab Kuni father. An arbiter of peace in the most violent of places.


Kuni Yomiko
Level 6 Shuenja
HP 42
AC 18 FF 16 T 12
F+6 W+6 R+5

Wakizashi 5 (d61)

str 12
con 16
dex 14
wis 10
int 16
cha 18

Handle Animal +5
Heal +10
knowledge arcana +12
knowlege shadowlands +12
knowledge nature +12
concentration +12
bluff +13
diplomacy +13

Ancestral Feat
Void Use
Ancestral Spells
Spiritual Healer: Range 5 Twice per day target heals 1/4 their hp

Spells per day

Spells Known
level 0
Mage Hand
Create Water
Purify Food/Drink
Read Magic
Detect Magic

level 1
Shield of Faith
Kuni Jade Stones: 3 stones 1 per 4/cl, minor action +5 (1d61)
Jade Weapon: Like Magic Weapon w/ jade
Animal Friendship
Pass without trace

Level 2
Tetsubo of Earth 7 (d109) add con to damage bonus
Crab’s Guard 2 natural armor/2 temporary hp per level cl
Water Whip 3 reach +7 (d8

Level 3
Greater Magic Weapon

2 Unicorn Rider Armor (similar to chain, gaijin made)
+1 Opal Necklace (
1 Heal checks/ +1 hp heal spells)


Raised in the hard kuni school and nurtured by a caring Iuchi shuenja mother, Yomiko was an oddity at the Kuni dojo. Certainly talented but lacked the ferocity of the other students and was teased for it. Once she made friends with Kenzo after healing him and one of his comrades after a near disastrous shadowland gempuku test, the two became very close friends.

A healer, sage, and powerful spirit wielder, Yomiko is now very respected in both crab and unicorn clans. She has an interest in travel, cleansing shadowlands taint, and bringing peace among clans and commoners.

She has recently been traveling with Kenzo as a support healer, knowing he tends to put himself in extreme danger with an endless journey of justifying honor.

Kuni Yamiko

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