Yomoto Shosuro

A feral man thrusted into the very world he despises; Rokugan!


Ninja 6
HP 42

St 18, Dx 20, Cn 15, In 14, Wi 14, Ch 8
Bone Sword 11 (d87 3d6 sneak attack and poison) (d85 when used in one hand) 19-20
Bone Wakisashi 11 (d84 3d6 sneak attack)
Bone Tanto & x2 Tanto +11 (d4
4 sneak attack)
Jade Dart Bracer +12 1d4
4 x2 20ft range


Yomoto Shosuro: Previously known as Muji Bayushi until his name was stripped and reassigned as Yomoto. The real secret lies with Yomoto’s true identity whose original name is unknown but to a select few. A hardened shinobi of the Shosuro school of the “Deep Hours” and their best rising student. His history…a mystery! His intentions… a mystery! His mannerisms…strange and borderline dishonorable.

Though his team mates know little of his past they certainly can not deny his bravery and resourcefulness to protect his allies and the common heimen. His eagerness to slay other samurai is frightful and disheartening though.

Yomoto Shosuro can be identified by his extremely unnerving Expressionless face mask, black wispy scarf, red kimono, black obi, stark white daisho, and a gauntlet on his left hand. His closest ally would be the hunted Akiyoko who he hasn’t seen in three years and strangely the man who hunts Akiyoko, Batosai.

Yomoto Shosuro

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