Spirit Blade

Made from the Bones of a Wang Liang

weapon (melee)

This stark white sword is shorter than a katana and can be wielded in a single hand. It has been created from the bones of a Wang Liang Yomoto slayed himself and then was crafted by a skilled Nezumi Bone Artisan. The bone is as strong as steel but at only half the weight. It was further refined by Shosuro weapon smiths to hide its true raw materials and to also integrate a poison applicator built through the hollow points of the bone.

Wax seals can be removed with threads on the pommel which allow the stored poison to apply with a minor action. 3 poison applications can be stored in this manner.

There is a matching wakizashi to go with the set that is capable of storing 2 applications of poison as well.


Spirit Blade

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