Castle Goju Part 1

Ryobi opens up the ancient scroll found within the depths of the forgotten Snake Clan Dojo the paper reads “Your request can grant you answers.”

Yomoto is clever and knows the devilishness behind the statement and recommends that the question be specific so the answer can not be a riddle or have the words misconstrued. So Ryobi asks "Show me where I must go to bring Yasuki lands back to Crab lands.

The room rippled with power and a map on the wall blotted with ink to expose mountains where mountains have not been and a village where a village has not been on crab lands. This is where the samurai decided to travel.

Along the way they met up with Lion Shaman Akodo Cho who was also being drawn down the same path by chance. Yomoto, showed ill amounts of disrespect to Yomoto, but honorable Yomoto remained calm and honorable making Yomoto look foolish in the eyes of the honorable Kaiu Samurai.

Yomoto requested to leave early and separate himself from Akodo Cho, but they were ambushed by a patrol of Tsunos who crashed down upon their horses. The tsuno’s were dispathced but their horses have been killed. Again Akodo Cho catches up.

Once near the strange village a strong mist enveloped the group and a raging crab berserker came barreling down the path. Quickly the creature was cut down but once thought dead he simply turned into mist himself and floated away.

Arriving at the village there was more disorder, leaping piles of corpses representing a fury of a particular element barreled around looking for any helpless victim to add to to its sentient corpse pile. This was an immediate danger as 30 foot ball of human fire set ablaze nearby buildings and fell upon the Samurai. In a fight for their lives, they narrowly escaped.

Speaking to the villagers and other samurai in the town they learn they have had more wolf attacks and missing villagers more than usual. They also tend to have a confused idea on the history of Rokugan and seem to be stuck in a time 300 years back. They recommend the party to see Madam Eva who is a skilled fortune teller, for answers to their questions. On the horizon a menacing castle can be spotted.

Madam Eva did lead the heroes to the Castle after giving them cryptic fortunes beyond the scopes of their intelligence. When leaving her tent, the group of gypsies attacked and were beaten badly.

Clouds converge and a freezing rain begins to fall. The drawbridge will be slippery to cross for sure. The castle walls stand 90 feet tall and towers loom menacingly behind them. Ahead through the fog one can make out two motes of light as if torches are lit. As the first thunderclap strikes an unsettling feeling creeps over your skin. There is much more to this place than just an old castle…

Yomoto Aggressive -1 ac
Yoritomo prophecies
Kaiu Opinionated Flatfooted first round

Castle Goju Part 1

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