In the Face of Shame

Kenzo realized he had made a grave error in the way he went about freeing Ortega(a Geijin who might have a lead on gaining evidence). He stared at the bloodied Crane samurai that had fallen to his powerful blade and realized that his mission to regain the Yasuki Province could be at a loss. These Crane were attacked by a Crab on Crane soil after the Emperor put an end to their current feud. How could he find time to rescue Sakura(potential heir to the land) and obtain evidence to put the Yasuki Province back in Crab hands. Sakura had been detained and there have been a run of assassinations. It would be a matter of time before they realize Sakura is linked to the land and she is killed off to. Kenzo knew the weight of the Crab nation fell on his shoulders to get this land back but it seemed an impossibility in his current situation. Until… The Lion surprising pressed their armies to take the Yasuki lands for themselves. This would take all the heat off for the injured cranes from the battle outside the jail and allow Kenzo to run freely. Kenzo now has a chance to bring Sakura back to Crab land while he can continue investigations for evidence. Csm107019
Kenzo lacks an underhand approach that would work best for this current situation. If Kenzo saved Sakura it would require him to bust down the door and kill anything that tried to prevent him from doing so. Although it pains Kenzo to ask for help from non Crab, a scorpion would be best suited for this mission. Kenzo will ask Yomoto Shosuro to get Sakura to Crab lands while the Lion are attacking the Yasuki Province. While this is happening Kenzo will begin his investigation for evidence that will prove the land to be rightfully Crab. The chaos of the attacking Lion will allow Kenzo and his allies to move and obtain information without dealing with Crane politics. Kenzo did not believe that he would obtain this information through combat but a strange set of events has put him in a situation where he can best use his abilities.

The Kaiu samurai starts applying the tactical thinking expected of him from his ancestors and lets the Hida rage take a time out. The plan is simple: Find Sakura, and place her under Crab protection. The only honorable method is to go to the front door of the Doji manor where she is held and request her. Kenzo knows this plan will fail him but has no other ideas. Yomoto, the scorpion, has other plans that will prove much more effective.

Yomoto leaves just when Kenzo was ready to head out stating “I need to follow up on a few things.” The curious act only further fueled the mystery of this man for Kenzo. Akihoko the new ronin, knows exactly what the dubious Shosuro ninja has in mind, an aggressive prison break…

Easily,covers up his scar, up and over the wall, in through a window, takes out a peasant servant, switches identities, strolls into the prisoner chamber, and fails to outwit the hearty and heavily armored Crane Samurai on guard.

“I have personally chosen every servant who works here and yet your face is unfamiliar to me!” The guard stated.

Yomoto had little else to say and lunged an attack with his carefully hidden bone katana. The crane samurai expected the assault and managed to divert the precise and deadly cuts of the Scorpion. Sakura screamed in fear as blood sprayed the room from each combatant inflicting wounds upon the other. Yomoto demanded that she come with her before he allowed himself to be engulfed in void and disappeared. Then the crane knew he was dealing with some demon, “a shadowlands demon!” Yomoto then struck again, this time his victim unawares. Sakura ran out and more samurai ran in! Yomoto had to escape for he was became light headed from blood loss. He hoped the confusion he created would be enough for Kenzo and Akihoko to locate Sakura. So quickly the Shadow Demon fled out the window.

Sure enough Sakura was found and was sent off to Crab lands with Kuni Yamiko to hide her away in safety. Kuni’s pacts with the spirits allows her travel to be almost untraceable.
With Sakura safe and Winter springing into full speed during a Lion siege on the Yasuki Province it is very unlikely reports of Kenzo’s failure will make it to Crab Land’s until the New Year. It is also certain that Kenzo will miss his own wedding with no reports as to why. Now the team must seek the Phoenix Shuenja in town to pray to his ancestors for a lead on the true ownership of the Yasuki provinces.

In the Face of Shame

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