Kabuki Blood Bath

Frost village

Fu-chu-po-ku a Wang Liang spirit creature has a burning jealousy to the human clans who have become quite powerful. Teaming up with untrustworthy and unpredictable rokuro ku, another type of spirit creature, the two have developed a plan to spread a show of suffering along their travels. There is an increase of tainted spirit creatures roaming rokugan an effect caused by the fact that spirit creatures find themselve ejected from the spirit world the first time they acquire a taint score.

Discovering the Site
This group just sacked a scorpion performance caraven that was heading for Shimomuza and they planned on continuing the show!

When the PC’s stumble upon the battle grounds they discovered that someone tried to cover up their tracks. Also noticed were Large two toed clawed foot prints, some blood, torn silken garments, and a fine jade flute with the name “Yogo” on it.
Venturing deeper into the woods the adventurers discovered three burnt bodies. One is laying half out of the remaining coals with the throat crushed by intense strangulation. The other
corpses have glaring puncture wounds of what must have been a monstrous spear and inhuman strength!

In Town
In town there is a lot of excitement, an Iajitsu duel is about to take place. An Akodo (lion) Vs a Bayushi who islaye to arrive(Lucky for Adam he was not that Bayushi). The akodo writes a script on her blade in deep meditation next to a lion cub, she is an eccentric samurai.
The scorpion samurai carries a war fan and a katana. The scorpion and lion face off with neither making a move. The scorpion then fans dust into the lions eyes but the skilled Akodo responds faster due to her training in iajitsu duels and her spiritually blessed weapon. The blade humms and glows with a yellow hue and what was meant to be a first stike match become a duel to the death. In a single strike the Akodo decapitates the Bayushi samurai. The crowd im impresses and awestruck.

The duel occured since the Akodo is a petit woman and the scorpion teased about her prowess. The strength of this Akodo does not match her build. She is a Spirit Talker of the Kitsu School and has enhanced strength because of it.

There is a bar fight at the Chop Shop at the inn. Mantis Mercs causing trouble and looking to make a penny off of Akiyoko’s bounty.

The tea house, missed the free tea because of the bar fight. Oh well!

Performance includes many towns folks but the show is oddly violent and bizarre.

On the stage is an angry Unicorn samurai wearing a mask of all white. With heimens coming asking questions. The answer is always the same. Honor! and they are cut down as red ribbons fly into the crowd. The crowd laughs in their seats. A man with dark hair, heavy sideburns, and a beard wearing a green kimono seems to find the show less amusing but seems to be quite focused on the show.Kabuki

Eventually the people attending the show who did not have any tea prior see the red ribbons are an illusion and that they are covered in the blood of the very people who were dying on stage. When they go to take action the strange man in the corner stands up and speaks.

“Humans, did you like my show as much as i did? No, probably not hahaha. I am FuChuPoKu a wang liang, spirit creature of a waining race in th shadow of humanity.”

He speaks in increasing rage and his hair stands on end but settles down again. When he speaks again it is as if two voices are spoken simultaneously. An effect spirit creatures have when communicating in the material plane.

“I am happy the oracle of Air has given me the chance to mock your kind and spread your worthless blood. Perish! as those around you die as well!!”

He transforms into the Wang Liang that he actually is with his growing size shoving off some onlookers of the show. As the battle starts some of the Rokuro-Ku strangle audience members.

In the end the Wang Liang is narrowly killed while many of the audience members have been strangle to death. Akiyoko and Muji Bayushi make plans to bring the town back to order.

Did the theatre burn down? and if so who burned it down and why?

Kabuki Blood Bath

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