The honorable bandit?


Scout 2 Monk 4 Init 5
Hp (43) 8 2 5 4 2 4 Speed 10
AC 18 (
2 Spirit Woven Linens), touch 16, ff 18
Elder Chain 9 (d67)
Tanto 9 (d44)
Flint Lock Pistol 5 (2d6 damage ballistic)
Composite Short Bow +9 (d6
2) 70ft (14 squares)
Fort 9, Reflex +9, Will +7
Grapple +8
Abilities: Trap finding, Uncanny Dodge, Skirmish (
1d6), Flurry of Blows, Evasion, Still Mind, ki strike, slow fall
Skills/Feats: Stealth 9, Athletics +13, Acrobatics +13, Perception +11, Swim +9 Use Rope +4; Point Blank Shot, improved grapple, Combat reflexes, Novice of the Nagai Michinori (1 attack or ac works like dodge), Chain Style (Use chain w/Flurry of blows and wrap chain around fists;minor), Weapon Focus Chain
St 18, Dx 18, Cn 16, In 7, Wi 14, Ch 12


Akiyoko: Has lived an outlaw and bandit for much of his life but by sheer luck and charm has never been caught. A lack of formal education has dimmed his potential for learning but with a strong back, large stature, and quick feet he all but makes up for it. In fact he excels. The martial style of the Sukauto (scout) has almost become extinct. Its origins are geishin and actually started in far reaches of the ivory kingdoms. He was trained by one of the crew mates upon a pirate vessel he served on as a kid. When the crew was attacked by imperial ships, Akiyoko was the only man who manged to escape. He roamed and dodged local authorities before settling in a village in scorpion lands. Here he received formal training from Sensai Po who taught heimen the ways of combat to protect their villages. One of his peers was a man named Yomoto who acted more uncouth than even Akiyoko but their was no denying the savage intellect. Akiyoko knowing he’s not the birghtest of student thought it wise to make friends with this clever character.

Recently a bounty has been placed on Akiyoko for 5,000 koku as the supposed Black Wraith, a menace who has been offing mantis samurai as well as his crimes as a pirate. It has been four years and Akiyoko is actually far north training the yobinjin and nezumi tribes the styles of Sukautu and in return has been picking up martial techniques from the respective peoples. These people are eager to learn since the methods are clever, deadly and easy enough to pick up. The Nezumi have learned the fastest and there are some who have surpassed Akiyoko himself. This group is known as the Okiwa Gang Shinobi. The empire is unaware that Akiyoko is training an army to lash back at the Lion clan and free its thousands of enslaved people.

Matt how is that? I figured as a minor action you can wrap your chain around your fists to get the enhancement bonus from the chain to unarmed attacks.


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