A dim samurai


MANTIS Yoritomo “Idiot Savant”
HP 6d10 + 24 ( )Speed 4 (20ft)
AC 22 (2 Mantis Partial Armor) touch 16 ff 16
Fort +9 Ref +6 Will +7
Attack:Fire Sai +13/
8 (d6+7 d6 fire), Water Sai +12/7 (d6+6 defensive), Full attack 11/10/6 (x2 fire sai, 1x water sai)
Feats (
2, human, +3 level), Skills: Sailor +15, Plants +6; Two Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Pounce, Yoritomo’s Strength (Add full str damage to both attacks!! and qualify for a number of feats), Expertise, Improved Disarm

st 22
Dx 18
Cn 18
In 4
Wi 14
Ch 8


This Yoritomo is known as “The Dog” behind his back due to his animal intelligence. Born with an extreme mental handicap it was only due to his absurd strength and hardiness he was no killed for his inferiority. Strangely the martial styles of Yoritomo come naturally to him and he has picked up a martial style almost so flawless he is considered an “Idiot Savant.” Never say the word fool around him for this coined word stings a certain nerve.

His only notable skills are combat, sailing, and plants which seem to fascinate Yoritomo


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