River Rice Explosion

Kenzo was asked by his commanding officer to make sure a shipment made it safely to the Crab Nation. Crane soldiers were using guerrilla tactics to take out our supplies. In an attempt to create allies with other nations, Kenzo has been teamed up with Yomato Shoshuro of the Scorpion and Batosai of the Wasp.

The mission started off rough. Kaiu Kenzo got robbed at an inn and the bandits got away with his daisho’s. Batosai tracked them with ease to their cave hideout. The battle was quick and Kaiu had found his swords, avoiding dishonor. There was also a clash of characters with the other two samurai. Kenzo knew the other two were annoyed with his strict code of Bushido but he did not falter from his mission. As far as Kaiu Kenzo was concerned the other samurai better come to his level if their nations wish to be allies with the Crab. This clash of character was made obvious when Kenzo had beat a heiman child with a bamboo cane for begging. Kaiu could see the sour expression through the Scorpion’s mask and Batosai’s face.

Kaiu, the two samurai, and servants found the cargo ship easy enough and it was not long before they were on their way down the river. Sure enough the clever Crane had set up an ambush. Batosai’s sharp eyes spotted it first though and he fired off an arrow with a smoke bomb on it. Kaiu and Shoshuro left the ship and waited for the Crane to flee the smoke. The two set up flanking positions and made short work of the crane forces. The crane had learned their errors and formulated a more clever ambush attempt farther down the river.

The Crane had archers ready to fire and canoes full of Crane soldiers to board the cargo raft. Kaiu and the others were firing arrows and making plans for the arriving canoes. Then they came to a spot with two thick ropes hanging 30 ft overhead. Kaiu didn’t know what to expect he just had a bad feeling. He was right. Gators in cages waiting to be released zipped down the rope.As they crashed down one took Kenzo’s loyal servant overboard. Kaiu jumped overboard to dispatch the gator. The 17 year old crab found himself in a wrestling match with an alligator. He was nearly knocked unconscious but managed to stay awake long enough to pummel the gator into a coma. He was quickly healed by Yamiko and was in battle with the Crane. The party took a beating and there was an experienced Crane samurai. We retreated from the raft thinking we had time on our side. We could mend our wounds with Yamiko then intercept the slow raft when we were ready. The Crane had other plans. They did not want to take the supplies for themselves, they wanted to destroy it. Seeing how it was loaded with explosives this would not be a difficult mission.

Kaiu Kenzo’s honor won over rational thought. Kenzo swam across that river as fast as he could. The Crane Samurai had already lit the match and the gunpowder trail was finding its way to it target. Kenzo made it to the raft knew it was on verge of exploding. He did not know which side of explosives were lit so he took a guess. He guessed correct and all he had to was cut off the trail of gun powder. (Natural 1) Kaiu fell on the explosive missing the trail and the bomb went off. To his luck the gunpowder was wet and the explosion was minimized. Kenzo who should have surely been killed found he was still in tact. Meanwhile the sneaky Shoshuro rose from the water under the raft to intercept the Crane Samurai. The Surprise Attack obliterated the unaware Crane.

Kenzo was able to bring back 90% of the goods to the Crab Nation. He also learned how powerful it is to have a well wounded team.

River Rice Explosion

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